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6 WAYS TO STOP BULLSH!*TIN' WITH YOURSELF: How to stay out of your own way

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Jason Hardin reflects while traveling on business
Jason Hardin reflects while traveling on business.

To tell the absolute truth, when it comes to achieving success, we are almost always our own biggest obstacle. Seriously, we often do more damage to ourselves than our biggest haters. The saddest part is that we rarely even recognize just how damaging some of our own actions, beliefs, habits, and thinking really are to ourselves. In this article, I will list 7 very common things many people do to hinder themselves from reaching their full potential. Hopefully, if you relate to any of these or know someone that does, this can help.

  1. Stop thinking you have all the time in the world. Everything has an expiration date, because life has an expiration date. There's really no such thing as "later" because "later" is never promised. Also, thinking we have forever to do something usually leads to something never getting done. If you can relate to this, challenge yourself to take more action rather than to put things off. Take that class, start that business, or make that move towards that big goal you have, because your time will run out sooner or later. You might as well fill it with incredible experiences and making a positive impact on the world.

  2. Quit denying yourself before giving anyone else a chance to. To truly succeed at anything in life, you're going to have to let it be someone else's job to stop you. You'll never win at life with the attitudes like "I can't" or "they won't let me". So many people say things like this to themselves often before even trying, and it's very important to break that habit. Never allow yourself to be defeated before ever starting. Instead, visualize what success looks like at anything you attempt, and you'll have a much greater chance at experiencing it.

  3. Stop believing it takes money to do everything. The idea that you can't do anything without money is a copout, and it's not true. First off, if it was true, what's stopping you from getting money? Secondly, money is just a tool that can be used like many other tools to accomplish the same goal. If you think it takes money to do everything, then you have to start asking yourself what it is you're really trying to do or accomplish? You should also study all about what "leverage" is as well as how to identify and use it.

  4. Stop waiting on others. It's absolutely no one else's responsibility whether you succeed in life or not, so always take ownership of your situation and don't expect anyone to hold your hand. I know it's not always easy to go through something alone, but understand that even though you won't always have someone to go to the gym with or guide you through a problem, the results will still be all on you! So, make it a habit to stay as self-motivated and self-sufficient as possible, and do not ever rely on others to make your dreams come true.

  5. Take accountability! Many people avoid accountability because they often associate it with the word with "blame". Instead, accountability should be associated with the word "power", because it's taking ownership of something and allows you to realize what you actually control. Nothing reflects success and positive development quite like recognizing when you made a mistake and making it right.

  6. Get off your ass! Success is not some shit you can order off amazon and just wait for it to arrive. Success requires taking constant action and always being in motion. So, never allow yourself to get lazy, and if you're in the rut, snap the fuck out of it. There is just so much life has to offer and too little time to enjoy it to ever let yourself opt-out of putting in the effort to do, see, learn, and become more.

If this list made you a little uncomfortable, that's absolutely great, because as I always say, greatness is never found in your comfort zone. Though these are indeed very simple suggestions, I understand that they can be hard for some to quickly put into action. If this sounds like you, don't get discouraged. Remember that just as bad habits aren't created overnight, neither are good habits. What's important is to be constantly knowledgeable of all of your actions and choices, and understand how each one relates to either the results you want or don't want in life. So, stop bullshittin' with yourself, and claim the life that was meant for you to live!


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