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Jason Hardin, founder of the WGF, in full league apparel at the golf course
Jason Hardin displays the power of entrepreneurship on the golf course by founding the Worldwide Golf Federation

Just in case you need to hear it, YOU are the most valuable thing you will ever possess in life. So, win or lose, you are the best thing you could ever invest in. To start, here are three things to keep in mind that will be sure to take you up the path towards your own definition success.

  1. Budget your time better than you budget your money. Regardless of your financial background, it is important to remember that we all get the same amount of time each day to do make our lives whatever we want. Use that time to wisely. Explore and experience new things, exercise, spend time with loved ones, volunteer, get involved in your community, meditate, create, and expand on your interests and hobbies. You may soon discover that just by doing these things regularly, you will already be living healthier and wealthier.

  2. Never stop learning. Whether you choose to go to school, take a class, or simply watch "DIY" videos on YouTube, constantly learning will always add value to your life and create opportunities. Keep in mind that learning doesn't have to be boring or stressful. The key is to expand your knowledge on things that you are already interested in and love to talk about. You'll soon learn that there are countless career and business opportunities involved, and there are plenty of ways to capitalize off activities that bring you joy.

  3. Invest in others. It may sound a little backwards, but one of the best ways to invest in yourself, is by investing in other people. Investing in the success of others doesn't just have the possibility of monetary returns, but it often creates favor and good karma within your community and adds overall value to your personal brand. Also, investing in others don't always require money. You can contribute to the success of others by being a mentor, volunteering, and spreading the word.

Though these are just 3 basic principles, implementing them into your day-to-day lifestyle will absolutely attract success in countless forms.

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