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Getting To Know The Man & The Brand


     JASON HARDIN is the epitome of resilience.  At the early age of 6-months-old, Jason was diagnosed with, esthsioneroblastoma, a rare and deadly tumor that forms in the nasal cavity.  Doctor's told Jason's parents that he would most likely not live to see his third birthday.  Fortunately, the doctors were wrong.


Though he was able to survive the tumor and the treatments, Jason was far from out-of-the-woods when it came to facing extreme challenges.  First-of-all, the tumor left Jason's face permanently scarred and disfigured.  Along with the birthmark on his forehead, this gave others (including his older brothers) plenty of reasons to tease and torment him.


As if conditions weren't already hard enough for him to lead a "normal" life, the dysfunction, addiction, and instability of both his parents kept Jason moving from place to place and relative to relative throughout his entire childhood.  Always being the "new kid" made it difficult for Jason to make and keep friends which just added to Jason's insecurities and loneliness.

Jason attended a total of 22 schools before graduating from Pasadena High School.


Immediately after his high school graduation, Jason became homeless at 18-years-old after being kicked out the house by his brother's wife over issues with rent and bills.  Though this wasn't Jason's first time being "homeless", it was his first time being homeless alone.  Though both of Jason's parents were still alive at the time, he refused to mention his situation to either of them in fear that they would worry themselves sick.  Instead, Jason would spend the nights sleeping on the number 4 Metro Bus that traveled from Downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica and back.  This was the longest 24-hour bus route and allowed Jason to sleep for about an hour at a time before having to get off and catch it the other way.  This would last until morning when Jason would head to class at Pasadena City College.


Shortly after his 19th birthday, Jason's father passed away from a lung infection he contracted while being sick in the hospital.  This resulted in Jason quitting school and beginning to self-medicate.



Having absolutely no direction or foundation, Jason once again found himself moving from place to place and job to job.  It wasn't until he became all-in on what is now his Life Of A Boss Philosophy that things immediately turned around.


If you ask Jason what his definition of success is, he won't tell you about breaking into the Hollywood scene, his meaningful political campaigns, or the successful business and brands he's created.  What he will tell you is that his definition of success is maintaining his freedom, flexibility, and ability to be there for those he loves while being a positive impact on the world around him and creating incredible experiences for himself and others.  To Jason, SUCCESS IS A LIFESTYLE, and this is the message he preaches time and time again.

Though this is just a quick snapshot of Jason's incredible story, he is always willing to share more in hope that he may inspire others to discover their own potential and become the "Boss" they were always meant to be.  Click here to request more information on booking Jason to speak at your next event. 


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