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Learn To Think On Paper

Just because social media is not the best place to post every thought or response that enters your head, documenting whatever you're thinking is still an excellent idea. The most valuable thing you have that no one can take away from you is your story, and that is because it is the only one like it in the world. Everyone's story is a unique combination of questions, answers, emotions, and responses to experiences that absolutely cannot be duplicated. Each and every one of these stories are extremely valuable because they contain the power to change lives and even change the world.

Write down your goals. I've always believed that the first step to making anything real is to write it down. So, why not write down whatever I want out of life? This sounds simple, but you wouldn't imagine how many people don't have their own personal goals written down somewhere. Even worse, they couldn't clearly tell you off the top of their head. I know all-too-well, because I used to be one of those people. For a long time, I have never written out and kept a detailed list of what I actually wanted because I never had a plan for anything beyond 90 days into the future. As a result, I could my find myself every 90 days with no direction and no real progress. When started being able to clearly state what I wanted out of life because I had them written down somewhere, that's when I felt I actually took control over where my life was going and how I was going to get there.

Use a planner. Whether you're using Google Calendar or an old school daily planner, schedule your meetings, work, school, shopping, time with loved ones, trips, due dates, appointments, workouts, rest, and any other event that is important or significant to you or your business in some way. Keeping a planned schedule allows you to budget your time while custom designing whatever future you have left. Better yet, a planner is like a map through time that can be used to help get you wherever you want to be in life. Whether it be buying a home, getting a degree, starting a business, creating a family, purchasing that new car, or going on a dream vacation, putting it on your planner or calendar then using it to note all the necessary steps in between automatically turns that want from a wish into a goal.

Keep a journal. First of all, having a journal is nothing like keeping a diary. A journal is more like a bank account for good ideas, and they don't even have to be your ideas. As a matter of fact, the very moment you get a great idea from anyone or anything, I suggest you jot it down in your journal immediately. Keeping a journal is such a valuable practice that it is no wonder why it's what so many great figures throughout history had in common. Many journals from the past are still read a taught in schools to this day, and some of these journals were written by ordinary people who had no idea they would be read decades and some even centuries later. A journal is an original piece of art of meaningful experiences, imagination, and solutions, and they don't require any special skill or talent to produce.

In addition to helping you become more successful in reaching your goals and creating the life you want, establishing the habit of thinking on paper adds to your legacy by leaving behind the ingredients to your own personal recipe for greatness, and that recipe can be picked up, used, and passed on by others for generations to come.

For more info and inspiration, check out the "Learn To Think On Paper" episode of our show,


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