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LETTING GO OF PERFECTIONISM: to embrace The Authentic

I used to let perfectionism completely debilitate me from trying and doing so many things I wanted to do. It stopped me in my tracks, truthfully it regularly stopped me before ever starting. Perfectionism kept me in fear of failing to meet my own expectations, which were defined by the opinions of others. I knew perfect was unattainable, but I wanted to be good, I wanted to be better than, and I wanted to be the very best in the eyes of everyone I’ve never known. I believed perfection was so important that I disregarded the magnificent splendor of different and unique, and everything that makes me unlike anyone else.

It’s not important how long I was crippled with the belief that I may one day live up to my unrealistic expectation of perfect, however, I’m sure now that when I began to set aside my pride and learned some humility, I got grateful enough to see the real joy in just trying, or just doing, and just being. I began to seek opportunities to succeed or fail. The focus on outcome started to fade and fell away as I started to embrace the opportunity to show me. I chose to find opportunities for me to be me ‘cause I love me. I will never get the chance to be anyone else, and no one will ever get the chance to be me.

I still want to impress, me, I still want to influence, me, and I still tend to compare me to my past self, but I value both selves. My old beliefs of perfection amuse me. I was so cocky; I had such nerve; how could I have taken myself for granted for so long? I now act without looking backwards to confirm that I should’ve done better, because for better or worse, it’s simply me. It’s freed me to enjoy what others give to this world with a more open mind. I feel more deeply connected to others because I am more deeply connected to myself.

Let go, embrace the authentic self, and you’ll be ready to share it without worry, fear, or doubt.


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