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FLIP THE SCRIPT: How To Create Great Wins From Your Worst Losses

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

FLIP THE SCRIPT: How To Create Great Wins From Your Worst Losses by Jason Hardin

I used to think I had it so hard and that my life was so bad and that the whole entire universe was against me. I thought because I was born into a life of poverty, dysfunction, and cancer I could never live how I really wanted to and experience the things I wanted to experience without beating the system in some way. Basically, I thought that the only way I was ever going to win at the game of life was to cheat

For so many years, it never occurred to me even once that the only thing I really needed to do to overcome every disadvantage I had and create every opportunity I wanted was to "flip the script". As soon as I started doing that, things changed for the better in ways I never would have imagined.

So, for anyone out there who's ever been through anything or going through something, I put together 5 things you can do at this very moment that will absolutely change the game for you, if you do it..

Don't take losses personally. Everybody takes losses at some point, so never think that you're the only one going through something or that your pain is greater than someone else's. Believing that you're the only one that has problems or that your problems are "special" makes it less likely for you to feel there's a solution or that no one is qualified to help you. Carrying those beliefs can make it even harder to overcome a situation while making it easier to sink even lower into depression, self-pity, and regret.

Document it. When dealing with an issue, take notes. Better yet, write it in your journal. Writing out a problem and seeing it on paper helps to solve it by giving you a better perspective. Getting a better visual of the problem allows you to better visualize possible solutions. Documenting your problems also creates a list of obstacles you had to overcome to get where you are now, and knowing the challenges you had to overcome can serve as a huge confidence builder as you are presented with new obstacles and challenges.

Learn from it. The most valuable thing a loss can teach you is where your weaknesses and flaws are. Don't let this lesson go to waste. Instead, take full advantage of this information. Be realistic and honest with yourself about the role you played in creating a loss so that you can prevent yourself from making the same mistakes again.

Own it. Once you have overcome an obstacle and walked away with a lesson, it no longer owns nor has any control over you. You now own it, and just like anything else you own, you can now do anything you want with it. The only difference between owning your challenges and owning material possessions is that the challenges you own can never be taken away from you. You will always be able to keep the lesson you learn as long as you never forget it.

Share your solutions. If you found yourself experiencing hardships, documented it, learned from it, and now own it, that hardship is no longer a hardship. Instead, it has become a valuable tool in your toolbox that can be used to help countless others. So, share it. Whether it be through writing a book, creating a blog, public speaking, teaching, or mentoring, sharing your experiences can connect with so many people and touch lives in ways you can't imagine.


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