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Bosses & Politics: An Interview with Allen Shay, 2024 Pasadena Mayoral Candidate

LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast host, Jason Hardin, with 2024 Pasadena Mayoral candidate, Allen Shay
LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast host, Jason Hardin, with 2024 Pasadena Mayoral candidate, Allen Shay

In a recent episode of "LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast," host Jason Hardin engages in a captivating and insightful discussion with Allen Shay, a multi-businessman, entrepreneur, host, Pasadena City Commissioner, and the 2024 mayoral candidate. This conversation not only delves into Shay's personal and political journey but also underscores the importance of community involvement and the power of local politics in shaping our lives.

At the outset of this engaging episode, Jason Hardin deep-dives into the heart of community involvement, challenging long-held beliefs about the supposed inappropriateness of discussing politics and religion. He argues persuasively that these topics are not just relevant but crucial for those seeking success. This conversation with Allen Shay sheds light on an often-overlooked truth: the profound interconnection between personal success and active engagement in community affairs.

Pasadena author/public speaker, Talyn Nelson, posing with her new book at Pasadena Mayoral Candidate, Allen Shay
Pasadena author/public speaker, Talyn Nelson, posing with her new book at Pasadena Mayoral Candidate, Allen Shay.

Hardin posits that involvement in local politics and social issues isn't just a peripheral activity for the socially conscious but a fundamental aspect of thriving in any field. He points out that the decisions made at the local political level have immediate and tangible effects on our day-to-day existence, from the quality of the roads we drive on to the safety of our neighborhoods. By engaging in these discussions, we take control of the forces that shape our environment and, by extension, our personal and professional lives.

Moreover, Hardin emphasizes that successful individuals often find themselves at the forefront of these conversations, not because of any inherent obligation but because they understand the value of their input in the larger community context. They recognize that their success isn't an isolated phenomenon but a part of a broader societal fabric that requires nurturing and active participation.

Throughout the episode, Hardin and Shay explore this symbiosis between individual achievement and community involvement. They illustrate how taking a stand on critical issues, voicing opinions, and participating in local governance aren't just acts of civic duty but strategic steps towards building a more conducive environment for success. This dynamic discussion underscores that true success isn't just measured in personal gains but in the contributions we make to the collective well-being and progress of our communities.

Allen Shay: A Journey of Resilience and Service

Shay's story is one of resilience and consistent service to the community. Growing up in a large family and witnessing inequalities, Shay developed a strong sense of responsibility towards his community. His commitment is evident in his multiple candidacies for public office, aiming to bring clarity, justice, and positive change. Shay's experiences and observations as a city commissioner, particularly concerning the injustices faced by the African American community, have further fueled his dedication to public service.

The Role of Politics in Business Success

Hardin probes into Shay's perspective on the intersection of politics and business. Shay emphasizes that one cannot separate their racial identity from their business achievements. He believes that every action he takes is aimed at uplifting others, often unconditionally. This approach has shaped his political aspirations and business strategies, focusing on serving the community rather than personal gain.

Challenging the Status Quo

The conversation takes a turn towards the challenges faced when running against established political figures. Shay talks about the importance of consistency, integrity, and the willingness to serve without expecting something in return. He points out the flaws in the existing political system and stresses the need for leaders who genuinely serve their communities. Shay's vision is to bring real value to technology and governance, enhancing the quality of life for residents.

The Power of Local Politics

Hardin and Shay discuss the profound impact of local politics, often overshadowed by national politics. They emphasize the immediacy and relevance of local political decisions, urging listeners to become more involved and informed. Shay shares his experiences of growing up in Pasadena, his encounters with racial discrimination, and how these shaped his political and personal ethos.

The Importance of Authentic Leadership

The podcast episode is a testament to the importance of authentic leadership and the need for individuals who are genuinely committed to their communities. Shay’s story is inspiring, showing that true leadership involves serving others, challenging injustices, and consistently striving for a better community.

Call to Action: Get Involved and Make Informed Choices

Hardin and Shay encourage listeners to get involved in their local communities, understand the issues at hand, and make informed choices. They stress the importance of holding representatives accountable and being proactive in local politics.

To listen to this powerful episode, visit Allen Shay's interview on LIFE OF A BOSS The Podcast. Join the discussion and become a part of the change in your community.

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